10 Pcs Kitchenware Silicone Heat Resistant

10 Pcs Kitchenware Silicone Heat Resistant

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HEAT RESISTANT: All utensils are heat resistant temperature from -40 to 230 Centigrade. And they are also stain & odor resistant, which mean you can use it without any worries.
SUITABLE: Microwave oven, toaster, dishwasher cabinet, steamer. They also can be boiled and sterilized.
Color: Green
Material: Silica Gel

Package included:
10 X silicone kitchenware

  • food clip 
  • egg beater 
  • Small brush 
  • Large scraper 
  • Small scraper 
  • Leaky spoon 
  • Spaghetti catch 
  • Butter scraper 
  • Spade shovel 
  • Spoon 

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