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Overcasting  Presser Rolled Foot

Overcasting Presser Rolled Foot

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Overedge Overcasting Sewing Machine Presser Rolled Hem Foot the Overcast Foot is used to keep the fabric edges from curling up when you overlock the edges to clean finish the seam. The metal bar in the center of the Overcast Foot holds the fabric and stitches in place as you overcast.nice and flat.and easy to use.
Use overcast stitches and see difference foot makes in appearance. Fits the following machines: 
*size: 1.57" x 0.51" x 0.24 in
*Material: Metal
*Color: Silver

  • Overcast and sew a seam at the same time
  • Varying zig zag and overlock stitch widths can be used with this foot
  • Conceals fabric edges
  • Genuine Brother Made Accessory


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