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Spool Huggers

Spool Huggers

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Cute little accessories that embrace your spools to prevent unraveling of threads 

- Flexible Silicone Build – Easy to put on and equally easy to remove 

- Flexibility also allows for easy adjustment in size – each Thread saver can fit a range of spool diameters conveniently – just not meant for commercial jumbo size spools 

- Superior alternative to use of hacks like tying strips of Coban dressings, using wraps, etc. 

- Equally suitable for sewing thread spools or embroidery spools 

- Come packaged in a set of 12 pcs or 48pcs – no need to buy every few days

- Reusable design that allows you to use these over and again for years – offer great value in the long run 

- Assortment of different colors which look appealing and add value to your sewing supplies 


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